top 3 best vpns for australia

Top 3 Best VPNs for Australia

Top 3 Best VPNs for Australia as below based on the speed test, also VPNs providers have stable software, good support and chosen.

top 3 best vpns for australia

In December 2016, a federal court in Australia ordered internet service providers to block BitTorrent tracker sites including ThePirateBay, Torrentz, TorrentHound, IsoHunt and SolarMovie. Also, Australian telecom companies are forced to monitor, record customers about information on phone calls, texts, email, location. So what does it mean? Australia is potential market for VPN providers.

The best VPNs for the Australia need to have some standards such as: VPN providers no logs any information including online activity and real IP address; torrenting allowed, capable of unblocking Netflix and other streaming services.

Here is our list of Top 3 Best VPNs for Australia

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has more than 1,500 server in 148 different locations across 94 countries. They really are one of the best VPN services, with a very easy to use software interface.

express vpn

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They offer internet kill switch, which is a great feature that is becoming more common nowadays. Open VPN – it’s the most secure, ExpressVPN use OpenVPN. Also supported by SSTP, PPTP and L2TP coupled with IP Security (IPSec). The Android app uses OpenVPN by default, while iOS is primarily configured to use L2TP/IPSec due to Apple’s iOS architecture limiting it’s capability.

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Why we select ExpressVPN ?

With ExpressVPN, speed gets to about 50-80% when connection to Australia or US servers (depending on time of day or weekday or weekend). Also, ExpressVPN is easy to install and clear to use. Updates are not so often so it is not annoying and confusing. Speed is so good when connecting via a French server something like that around 10 mbit/sec. When connectiong in England or Germany speed is around 4-7 Mbit/sec, so not bad at all. And customer support is always there to help youn in your time of crisis.

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2. StrongVPN

StrongVPN has more than 660 servers across 24 countries. StrongVPN offers VPN service blocked websites, privacy and removal from ISP bandwidth throttling. You should use OPenVPN for the highest rate of security or you can select PPTP/L2TP/SSTP protocols. They also offer their own routers for purchase.


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Apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Disabling the “Allow traffic while reconnecting” option as an internet kill switch. This is an important function for torrenters and those connected to unsecured wifi networks.

According to StrongVPN’s privacy policy, the service is completely logless. No traffic or metadata logs are stored on the company’s servers. A log is created and stored on the local device. You can adjust the log verbosity in the advanced settings.

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Why we select StrongVPN ?

We think that StrongVPN does not affect the use of a 25 mgeg DSL connection when use 256 bit encryption. Setup is something of a bear with it, but the techs will get you going. After using StrongVPN for about 3 weeks, honestly we think that it has been a fine client. We enjoyed using StrongVPN mostly due to its simplicity and the fact that it was out of sight for the most part. The speeds we got from StrongVPN varied greatly depending on the server we picked, but overall we was quite satisfied.

If you are still not make sure whether or not StrongVPN is going to work for you, you can easily purchase a subscription and give it go. If you find that it is not quite what you were looking for, you can take advantage of the 5-day money back guarantee and check out other options.

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3. CyberGhostVPN

CyberGhost VPN is gonna have over a thousand servers, at this time of making this about 60 different countries. CyberGhost VPN does not keep any logs its users and it accepts Bitcoin as an anonymous form of payment.

CyberGhost VPN

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Also, they do meet privacy tools criteria which is an excellent accomplishment the offer DNS leak protection when they use RSA 4096 handshake encryption, is based on Romania. In addition to, all of this when you are connecting to a server, you can enable their malicious site filter or you can block ads using the service, block online tracking, force HTTPS and something really super cool.

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Why we select CyberGhostVPN ?

So far, we have enjoyed having program do exactly as it was described when we tesed and practiced it. Other than a couple of times, we had a small obstacle, which was resolved by customer support, we have had no serious issues with CyberGhostVPN.

In addition to, CyberGhostVPN a good service with Live chat feature, which comes handy. We also got a refund when we asked for it, which really impressed us.

We have tried to use a Premium Plus subscription of CyberGhostVPN for 1 year, with purpose is to do experience for torrenting. This help you in dowloading movies in different languages from different countries.

The speeds with CyberGhostVPN were better at around 35-40 Mbps. Also, we ran a few other tests with servers in Australia, Europe and Canada, with servers located futher from our location, slower speeds are to be expected due to the increased latency

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