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Top 3 Best VPNs for Android

Top 3 VPNs for Android as below based on the speed test that combine with user reviews, also VPNs providers have stable software, good support and TheTopVPN.com chosen. We believe that it is great idea if your Android phone connect with VPNs services when on a public wifi hotspot to prevent hackers from snooping on your internet traffic. Note that, also VPNs services can help you unblock geo-locked content such as Hulu, BBC, Netflix… In our experiences, Android phone also built in support for VPNs, but setting up and the way to connect to them is really not strong enough. I n additional, the protocols are not ready OpenVPN, which known as more secure than PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec. With these […]

top 3 vpn for china

Top 3 VPN for China

Top 3 VPN for China as below based on the speed test, also VPNs providers have stable software, good support and TheTopVPN.com chosen. China is known as the Great Firewall, both expats and Chinese citizens are blocked sites and apps like Facebook, Google, BBC, Netflix… Reality, not all VPNs providers work in China and some of others are just too slow about speed. The best VPN for the China need to have some standards that we think the most important such as: speed; range of servers; reliability. Here is our list of Top 3 VPN for China 1. ExpressVPN ExpressVPN has more than 1,500 server in 148 different locations across 94 countries. They really are one of the best VPN […]

top 3 vpn for canada

Top 3 VPNs for Canada

Top 3 VPNs for Canada as below based on the speed test, also VPNs providers have stable software, good support and TheTopVPN.com chosen. Do you want to watch great movies on Netfilx or Hulu, or something like that only just want to protect your privacy out of snooping internet providers, hackers, governments. Yeah, right now you find right place to help you can choose VPNs providers can trustworthy. The best VPNs for the Canada need to have some standards such as: VPN providers no logs any information including online activity and real IP address; strong encryption; reliable speeds; DNS leak protection… Here is our list of Top 3 VPNs for Canada 1. ExpressVPN ExpressVPN has more than 1,500 server in […]


CyberGhost app and website have been blocked in Turkey

In Turkey, the government is in complete control of citizens’ access to online content and also of their level of digital privacy. As an example, the Turkish government requires IPSs to keep the activity logs of all users for 2 years and these logs can be checked by the government at any time if they require. The web traffic is also filtered by the government and some websites are always blocked. Over the years, internet censorship and freedom of speech have turned to be worse and worse. By 2017, Turkey hold the 155th position in the world based on freedom index. Why is a VPN the optimal solution for internet freedom? Many Turkish citizens have relied on VPNs in order to […]


Tips for Beginners with Android Privacy

There are several proactive steps you can take to ensure that your smartphone data remains safe. These solutions differ by operating systems, however. If you’re an Android user, follow these specific tips to protect your privacy and achieve online security, IPVanish VPN has revealed. Update, update, update All those software updates you may be guilty of ignoring include fixes for vulnerabilities. If you’re running outdated versions, you’re putting your data in harm’s way. Keeping your software current on Android is especially crucial due to Android’s history of vulnerabilities. Unlike, the iPhone, the Android OS runs on different branded devices, so the updating process may not be identical for every device. But no matter what Android device you own, you should […]


China’s new “social credit score” program

Two and a half year later, people are still missing the big picture of this program, according to PrivateInternetAcess VPN. China is introducing a new universal citizen rating, which is called “Social Credit Score”. It is supposed to look like a credit score, but is anything but. It is affected by a much broader range of activities than merely paying your bills on time — in general terms, it mirrors how good a citizen you are, where “good” means “obedient”. If you do things that the government doesn’t like, your score goes down. Or if you hang around too much with friends who do bad things, according to the government. And the system tells you this. This is the killer […]


What to do instead of jailbreaking your phone

According to ExpressVPN, as jailbreaking or rooting is never an option for sane and security-minded folk like us, we must make other decisions when looking for the freedom to use our device the way we want. And to free us from poorly administered Digital Rights Management (DRM) or monopolistic restrictions. 1. Choose your device carefully While it is relatively common to bundle software with hardware, not all devices are created equal. Some laptops and phones will make it relatively easy for you to install software, while others won’t. Make a conscious decision before buying: Does the default software have the capabilities you expect, or can you install the operating system you want? If you get a Laptop with Windows installed, […]


Which the best browsers for privacy and security ?

If you do want to take specific steps to improve your online security and privacy, you can start by finding the most secure web browser for your needs. In this article, we are taking a closer look at various browsers and their security features, this is quoted from NordVPN. Chrome Google Chrome was launched in 2008 and is now the undisputed leader in browser market share. That was predictable, as in many ways it is a fantastic solution with robust security and vast possibilities for integration and fine-tuning. However, Chrome is never going to be the best privacy browser. It is developed by the company whose business model primarily consists of spying on its users to profile them for targeted […]