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ExpressVPN Review 2018

Briefly Highlights Free trial offered Unblock websites Most operationg systems supported Smart location VPN Split Tunneling No activity logs, no connection logs Visit ExpressVPN KEY FEATURES ExpressVPN has more than 1,500 server in 148 different locations across 94 countries. They really are one of the best VPN services, with a very easy to use software interface. Whether you are on your computer, your phone, or your tablet, the primary design feature is a big power button, on and off. It does not get much simpler than that. Instead of using username and password that you have to retrieve via email, you are redirected to a page with your activation code that give you instance access, it is good. You can […]


What to do instead of jailbreaking your phone

According to ExpressVPN, as jailbreaking or rooting is never an option for sane and security-minded folk like us, we must make other decisions when looking for the freedom to use our device the way we want. And to free us from poorly administered Digital Rights Management (DRM) or monopolistic restrictions. 1. Choose your device carefully While it is relatively common to bundle software with hardware, not all devices are created equal. Some laptops and phones will make it relatively easy for you to install software, while others won’t. Make a conscious decision before buying: Does the default software have the capabilities you expect, or can you install the operating system you want? If you get a Laptop with Windows installed, […]